Call for Papers

JPDC Brief introduction
The cherished goals of human rights and satisfaction in one’s life owe much to sublime principles of universally accepted phenomena of upholding due stature of entities working in the society at micro-macro levels. Each of the entities may it be social, political, economic, legal, environmental or technological erect their edifices on the rationality, thematic or operational, to help establish mutually accepted structural-functional mechanisms carving out the cardinal engravings setting foothold to robust institutions working for the egalitarian setups to the sole satisfaction of populace at large. Looking around blabs on us the increased number of wars, conflicts, and violations of human rights in the name of prevailing peace and galvanizing the efforts toward development with benefits to all and sundry. From all over the world particularly the underdeveloped regions there are a variety of low and high-intensity wars and conflicts going on without any prospects of peace and development. Peace and Development Foundation, concerned with this dismal state of affairs in many pockets of the world, with the assistance of staff, well-wishers, volunteers and scholars of repute thought to initiate a scholarly journal that provides platform to substantial voices from developed as well as underdeveloped world to express their experiences, ideas, and solutions in a scientific manner to facilitate the process of peace, development and communication in their concerned realms of human rights; sustainable development; exchange of information and knowledge.
JPDC Vision/Goals
JPDC aims to broaden the understanding of peace and development underpinnings from micro to macro levels. The Journal seeks to engage in the critical study of existing approaches to development based on theoretical and practical aspects encompassing the fields of social sciences and humanities with a focus on understanding the practice in vogue and harboring on newly emerging concepts and techniques. This journal strives to meet the growing academic needs and interests in the study and practice of peace and development in the developing and underdeveloped world. the journal aims to serve as an arena for the public discussion and scholarly analysis of human rights. Moreover, the Journal is committed to theoretical and ideological diversity in the study of peace, development, and communication.
Access to Journal
Journal of Peace, Development and Communication (JPDC) is an open access journal , which means that all articles are available on the internet to all users immediately upon publication. Non-commercial and commercial use and distribution in any medium is permitted, provided the author and the journal are properly credited.