• Proposal development.

• Program planning and execution.

• Monitoring and Evaluation of the programs.

• Feasibility and pre-feasibility studies.

• Strategic planning.

• Replication of the program.

• Third party Evaluation of the programs.

Our Experience

We have envisioned expertise to conceive innovative programmatic interventions on sustainable basis that could help stakeholders to galvanize and pool up their efforts in effective and efficient manner. We have an experience of program planning, implementation, strategic planning, monitoring & evaluation and third party evaluation of following:

• UNDP Partners on Sustainable land management by improvement in water harvesting and usage for livelihoods in ‘Rod Kohi’ area of DI Khan district

• UNDP Partners on Non-timber Forest Products (Pakistan)2006; Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation’s (SDC) NGO Partners through CHIP 2006;

• Orientation and formulation of action plan for the partner NGOs of FATA Development Agency and Institute of Rural Management (IRM) 2009;

• Mercy Corps Partners in Baluchistan 2005-6;

• University of Baluchistan, Quetta 2007-8;

• National Wood, Lala Musa 2009.

• Own a Student, Peshawar 2010.