JPDC Brief introduction

The cherished goals of human rights and satisfaction in one’s life owe much to sublime principles of universally accepted phenomena of upholding due stature of entities working in the society at micro macro levels. Each of the entities may it be social, political, economic, legal, environmental or technological erect their edifices on the rationality, thematic or operational, to help establish mutually accepted structural functional mechanisms carving out the cardinal engravings setting foothold to robust institutions working for the egalitarian set ups to the sole satisfaction of populace at large. Looking around, blabs on us the increased number of wars, conflicts, and violations of human rights in the name of prevailing peace and galvanizing the efforts toward development with benefits to all and sundry. From all over the world particularly the under developed regions there are a variety of low and high intensity wars and conflicts going on without any prospects of peace and development. Peace and Development Foundation, concerned with this dismal state of affairs in many pockets of the world, with the assistance of staff, well-wishers, volunteers and scholars of repute thought to initiate a scholarly journal that provides platform to substantial voices from developed as well as underdeveloped world to express their experiences, ideas, and solutions in a scientific manner to facilitate the process of peace, development and communication in their concerned realms of human rights; sustainable development; exchange of information and knowledge.

JPDC Vision/Goals

JPDC aims to broaden the understanding of peace and development underpinnings from micro to macro levels. The Journal seeks to engage in critical study of existing approaches to development based on theoretical and practical aspects encompassing the fields of social sciences and humanities with focus on understanding the practice in vogue and harboring on newly emerging concepts and techniques. This journal strives to meet the growing academic needs and interests in the study and practice of peace and development in the developing and underdeveloped world. ThenJournal aims to serve as an arena for the public discussion and scholarly analysis of human rights. Moreover, the Journal is committed to theoretical and ideological diversity in the study of peace, development and communication.


Published Articles or Issues
General Guideline for Authors (Words Limit, Text style, References, etc)

Word limit: 3000 to 5000

Language: English

Writing Style: American Psychological Association (APA) be left aligned with font size 12, font type Times New Roman, and be double spaced with a margin of 1-inch all sides.

Abstract: 150-250 words and it will be concise summary of whole article. It should state purpose of the study, Hypothesis, Method, Analysis, Main findings and Conclusions

Introduction: It contains the theoretical frame, rationale, Preview of relevant updated researches and clearly show the objective and hypothesis

Method: Design of the study, sample description, assessment protocols, Ethical consideration, and procedure of data collection.

Result: Present result in logical text included table, graphs and illustrations, with no repetition, emphasize the important results, Give title to each table.

Discussion: Discuss major findings and emphasize new and important findings and concluding implications form them.

References: Follow the APA 6th edition. The intending authors should submit their research papers for the publication in Journal of Peace, Development and Communication (JPDC) to the Editor-in-Chief via email in electronic Word format and in case of surface mail three copies should be sent to the address of JPDC. A brief biographical paragraph describing the author or authors in case of joint publication including authors’ current designation, research interests, and recent publications should accompany the manuscript. The PDF regards the submission of manuscripts as a commitment that they are contributed solely to this journal for publication. All submissions will be subject to the normal process of peer review. Authors will receive a complimentary copy of the issue containing their articles.

Copyright: The Authors submission to this journal consents copyright to JPDC subject to retaining their right to reuse the material in other publications written or edited by themselves and due to be published at least one year after initial publication in the journal. Submissions should be original (i.e. have not been previously published in a journal or conference proceedings nor presented at a conference and moreover, should not be currently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere).

Annual Subscription: All subscriptions are payable in advance and all rates include postage. Subscription is entered on an annual basis, i.e. January to December. Payments are made to Peace and Development Foundation in Pakistani currency or US dollars. The annual subscription fee in Pakistan is Rs.20,000 and US $ 500 for overseas subscription.

Disclaimer: The authors, editors and publisher will not accept any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions that may be made in this publication. The publisher makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the material contained herein.

JPDC style sheet
Patron in Chief /Editorial /Advisory Board

Editorial Board:

Patron: Arshad Mehmood Akif CEO ASK Development

Editor in-chief: Dr Asmat Ullah Director/CEO Peace & Development Foundation

Editor: Dr. Bakht Rawan yousafzai Associate Professor Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad

Managing Editor: Dr. Shabir Hussain Associate Professor Bahria University Islamabad

Associate Editor: Sami Ullah Associate Research & Publication ASK Development Islamabad

Advisory Board National/ International

Journal Advisory Board National

1. Prof. Dr. Seemi Naghmana – Dept. of Mass Communication University of Karachi

2. Prof. Dr. Shafiq Jullandhry – Dean Faculty of Social Sciences UCP Lahore

3. Prof. Dr. Farish Ullah – Dean Faculty of Arts University of Gujrat

4. Prof. Dr. Syed Abdul Siraj – HoD Media Studies Bahria University Islamabad

5. Prof. Dr. Zafar Iqbal – HoD Media & Communication Studies IIU Islamabad

6. Dr. Saqib Riaz – Chairman Mass Communication AIOU Islamaba

Journal Advisory Board International

1. Prof. Dr. Klaus Beck – Institute of Political & Communication Science University of Griefswald Germany

2. Prof. Dr. Arnulf Kutch – Institute of Communication & Media Studies University of Leipzig German

3. Prof. Dr. Jake Lynch – Director/Chairperson Dept. of Peace & Conflict Studies University of Sydney Australia

4. Prof. Dr. Steven Youngblood – Director Center for Global Peace Journalism Park University Missouri USA

5. Prof. Dr. Babak Bahador – School of Media & Public Affairs George Washington University USA

6. Prof. Dr. Rune Ottosen – Dept. Journalism & Media, Oslo Metro Politan University Norway

Overview of Journal
Ethical Guidelines (for Editors and Authors)

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Contact Person

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